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dong bang shin ki MEGA UBER VIDEO SPAM.

So, kaosspad has finally been pulled over to the dark side.

Welcome to the World of K-Pop, Jessica. Muahahahaaaaaa.

And since DBSK is, and will always be, my favorite, I've decided to do a spam. This is as fun for me to reminicse as it should be for Jess to discover. XD

Okay, how about we start off with a basic bio of the group. Then we can move onto videos, which is the best part! This will obviously all have to go under a cut.

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Anyway, hope that was informative! I'm exhausted. LMAO.
haneul bl


Today is Jessica's (kaosspad) birthday, and since I can't give her a present made of physical matter (not yet, anyway ;)), I am going to give her a present made of pixels!

That's right, it's a...


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In annoying unrelated news, my internet isn't working for some goddamn reason so I had to do this picspam on my sister's computer. If I don't find out what's wrong with my computer soon Imma throw a brick at the window. Or something.